Transformer Rectifiers

At Tavana Pipelines Engineering Co, we specialize in designing and manufacturing air- and oil-cooled transformer rectifiers for impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems. Our dedicated team of experts boasts extensive experience in cathodic protection and electronic engineering, enabling us to create high-quality transformer rectifiers that meet the most stringent customer specifications.

When Galvanic Anodes Are Not Enough

For larger structures or when electrolyte resistivity is high, galvanic anodes may not provide sufficient current to prevent corrosion. This is where ICCP systems come into play. These systems utilize anodes connected to a DC power source, typically a transformer-rectifier connected to AC power, to effectively protect metal structures from corrosion.

Custom-Built Transformer Rectifiers for Your Needs

Our transformer rectifier units are often custom-built to accommodate specific project requirements. We incorporate a range of features, including remote monitoring and control, integral current interrupters, and various electrical enclosures, to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Connecting the System for Effective Protection

The output DC negative terminal of the transformer rectifier is connected to the structure that requires protection. The rectifier’s output DC positive cable is connected to the anodes, while the AC power cable is connected to the rectifier’s input terminals.

Partner with Tavana for Reliable Corrosion Protection

Tavana Pipelines Engineering Co is your reliable partner for all your ICCP system needs. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the best possible solutions for protecting your valuable assets from corrosion.

Control transformer rectifier types :

Thyristor Constant Voltage – Constant Current – Manual
Regavolt Manual
Thyristor Auto Potential Auto Reference Potential
Thyristor / Regavolt Auto Reference Potential / Manual
63 Steps Manual

Cooling system types :

Oil Immersed (ONAN) Air Natural (AN)
Oil Immersed , Air Forced (ONAF) Air Forced (AF)
Electronic – Regavolt

Electronic – Regavolt

Transformer Rectifiers



Transformer Rectifiers

Transformer Rectifiers Regavolt


Transformer Rectifiers


63 Steps

Transformer Rectifiers


CP Data Logger & Interrupter

Transformer Rectifiers