Polarization Cell Replacement (PCR)

TAVANA is the first Iranian manufacturer of Polarization Cell Replacement (PCR) systems, licensed from BAC UK. With over 100 successful field trials in oil, gas, water, and wastewater pipelines and facilities, TAVANA PCR systems are proven to effectively mitigate AC voltage and decouple cathodically protected structures from utility grounding systems.

Available Electrical Ratings:

• 3.7 kA
• 5 kA
• 10 kA
• 15 kA

Mounting Options:

• H-type stand
• Box with pipe support
• Wall mount

PCR Box Material and Enclosure Rating:

• Aluminum alloy IP67
• Polycarbonate IP56 (indoor)
• Exd

Why You Need PCR Systems

AC Voltage Mitigation:

PCR systems help protect pipelines from induced AC voltage, which can cause safety hazards and corrosion problems. By isolating the pipeline from the energized power lines, PCR systems effectively mitigate AC voltage issues.

Decoupling from Utility Grounding Systems:

PCR systems can be used to decouple cathodically protected structures from utility grounding systems. This is important when the site grounding grid is bonded to the power company grounding system, as it can lead to reduced cathodic protection effectiveness. By installing a PCR system at the transformer, DC isolation and AC grounding between the two systems are achieved, preventing the CP system from attempting to protect the power utility grounding system.

TAVANA PCR Systems: The Reliable Choice for AC Voltage Mitigation and Decoupling

With their proven track record and comprehensive range of features, TAVANA PCR systems are the ideal solution for protecting pipelines and cathodically protected structures from the challenges of induced AC voltage and utility grounding issues.

Recent Major Projects



Manufactured and Delivered 15 PC Devices for Gas Pipelines parallel to Electric Cable Lines


Manufactured and Delivered


Manufactured ,Delivered and used for Oil Pipelines
N.I.G.T.C Dis 7


Used for Gas Transmission Pipelines
Parsian Refinery


Used for Refinery Feeding pipe close to Cable Power Lines