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 Rock Shield (Stone Guard) is a flexible padding designed for the protection of the corrosion coating on pipelines when rocky backfill is encountered. The product is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) incorporating a special expansion process to provide compressive strength and flexibility.  It is extruded into a diamond mesh pattern .

Features :

•Absorbs impact of uneven backfill
• Protects pipe coating from protruding rocks in trench
• Minimizes abrasion of coating from pipe movement underground
• Protects pipe during future excavations
• Unaffected by temperature extremes and wet weather
• Maintains cathodic protection without inhibiting cathodic flow
• Cushions against concrete weights
• Cuts with a utility knife
• Easy to install

Application :

For pipe diameters 18" (457.2mm) or less: Unroll material parallel to the pipe and wrap around pipe (longitudinal "cigarette" wrap).  Then, fasten with tape, buckles or cable ties.  For pipe diameters greater than 18" (457.2mm):  Sheets need to be pre-cut to match pipe circumference (refer to chart on back).  Next, wrap sheets around pipe width (spiral wrap).  Then, fasten with tape, buckles or cable ties .

Tavana pipeline Engineering produce kind of Rock Shield for use in pipeline projects .