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 An Electronic Decoupling Device (EDD) has been designed as a polarisation cell replacement (PCR). The EDD is a solid state device used in the cathodic protection industry which prevents the flow of Direct Current (DC) volts across the terminals between +/- 2V DC, while simultaneously providing a grounding (coupling) path for steady state alternating current (AC), should AC be present. A non symmetrical version is available which blocks +1V/-3V DC. The product has the added features of being rated to carry lightning and AC fault currents.  It has been design to be an ideal replacement for electrochemical polarisation cells as the solid state design eliminates the need for maintenance with potentially hazardous chemicals.

Common Applications:

• DC Isolation of Cathodically Protected structures from power utility grounding systems.
• Blocking Stray DC Voltages.
• Over Voltage protection of equipment form AC faults, lightning and switching transients.
• Over voltage protection of insulating joints.
• Mitigation of AC induced voltages on structures.