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STOPKiT® is a revolutionary concept patented by 3X ENGINEERING to seal pipe leaks online. It is today the only efficient leak repair system in the world which can be applied on high pressure leaks in few minutes. Many O&G companies include the STOPKiT® in their EPRS (Emergency Pipe Repair System) stock for handling oil, gas or water leaks. 3X ENGINEERING provides temporary or long-term solution for leaking pressurized pipe. 

STOPKiT® Temporary

STOPKiT® Temporary has been developed as an emergency repair to seal in few minutes various types of leak (oil, chemical, gaz, water.. Several versions of STOPKiT® Temporary are available depending on the environment, pipe diameter and defect size..).

STOPKiT® Temporary Implementation Steps


STOPKiT® Long-term

STOPKiT® Long-term model protects and reinforces the repair by overmolding the STOPKiT® Temporary with a polycarbonate shell filled with 3X specific resin. It is mainly used for sealing leaks created by external damages.

Several versions of STOPKiT® Long-term are available depending on the environment, pipe diameter and defect size.

STOPKiT® Long-term Implementation Steps


  • Sealing pipe leaks online up to 50mm and 30 bars (435psi)
  • Sealing pipe leaks online up to 10mm and 80bars (1160psi)
  • Leak emergency repairs (temporary model) and lasting repairs (long-term model)
  • Several pipe configurations: elbow, oval pipe, welds...
  • Any pipe diameters from 4" to 56"
  • Pipe with temperature from -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to +176°F)
  • Onshore and offshore installations


  • Quick installation time (about 5 minutes)
  • Application under pressure, no shutdown required
  • No additional load on pipe