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the leading pipeline survey system for fast, accurate and objective reports on the location and condition of buried pipelines.


C-SCAN Advantages

•Anodic faults can be masked by systems using a 'near DC' signal; C-SCAN will detect Anodic faults as a normal attenuation.  

• Superior to 'over-the-line potential' survey systems as these do not find masked faults; C-Scan will detect these masked faults.  

• With many other instruments it is imperative that the unit is sited properly as the orientation of instrument relates to the accuracy of reading (current reading).  C-SCAN uses two 3-dimentional field sensors to give magnitude and direction of field, hence C-SCAN’s accuracy is unaffected by the orientation of the detector.   

• When using other systems attenuation figures/pipeline plots have to be post processed in office; C-SCAN has in-field graphical analysis for instant results,enabling the user to immediately identify areas of poor coating.   

• C-SCAN produces coating conductance figures, many other systems do not.  

• When using a 'near DC' signal it will "die away" slowly, therefore small coating errors will be missed and will not be identified until they become significant faults.  C-SCAN uses a higher frequency so that very small faults can be identified and treated before they become significant faults.   

• Depth accuracy depends on coil separation.  C-SCAN has a large coil separation, hence a higher degree of accuracy whereas other systems have much smaller separation, and are therefore less accurate.   

• C-SCAN uses air cored transducers so field distortion is kept at a minimum, other systems use ferrite (or similar) cored transducers and therefore suffer from field distortion, reducing accuracy of reading.   

• C-SCAN has built in GPS

• C-SCAN does not suffer from interference from Mobile Telecommunication systems.  

• C-SCAN has a large in-build memory to store 1000 data points spread over 100 surveys, reducing the need to download after every survey when this is inconvenient.

C-SCAN graphically shows the distance to the pipeline and the pipeline direction thus assisting the user to locate the pipeline without the need for any additional location equipment.   

• C-SCAN has a portable signal generator which can be used without an external power source, hence can be connected at any convenient point along the pipeline.   

• C-SCAN generator maintains constant current supply to the pipeline, which is essential

• DCAPP software (supplied) produces results that are simple to understand and do not need any expertise to interpret.  

• Results can be exported from DCAPP for use in other software and inclusion into printed reports etc.

• Each C-SCAN goes through a calibration process removing any variation due to the effects of changes in temperature experienced when surveying in different regions.  Many other systems do not take account of this temperature effect.