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Tavana Pipelines Engineering Co, design and manufacture types of air and oil cooled transformer rectifiers that are use for impressed current cathodic protection systems. We have a dedicated design team that combines many years of cathodic protection and electronic engineering knowledge that enable us to design and manufacture high quality transformer rectifiers to meet the most demanding and complicated customer specifications.

For larger structures, or where electrolyte resistivity is high, galvanic anodes cannot economically deliver enough current to provide protection. In these cases, impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems are used. These consist of anodes connected to a DC power source, often a transformer-rectifier connected to AC power.


Cathodic protection transformer-rectifier units are often custom manufactured and equipped with a variety of features, including remote monitoring and control, integral current interrupters and various type of electrical enclosures. The output DC negative terminal is connected to the structure to be protected by the cathodic protection system.  The rectifier output DC positive cable is connected to the anodes. The AC power cable is connected to the rectifier input terminals.


Control transformer rectifier types
Manual Auto - Manual
Regavolt , Constant Voltage Auto - Regavolt
Amp-o-Matic , constant current Reference Potential , Constant Voltage
Smart (Micro Processor Control) 63 Steps


Cooling system types
Oil Immersed (ONAN) Air Natural (AN)
Oil Immersed , Air Forced (ONAF) Air Forced (AF)
Explosion Proof Transfomer Rectifier